Saturday, September 4, 2010


Sorry to all the semi fat people, this is directed at people that are 250+ lbs and are at shows moshing.

Please, stop moshing and stop hardcore dancing. You are like cannonballs. You throw yourself and you plow down 10 people in a row (literally).

You hurt others and are just a general threat to everyone there.

Oh and you hardcore kids who like to dance like assholes. Please stop also. I'm tired of having to punch you in the face to get you to stop throwing your arms around punching others.



New Blag said...

that's rally insightful.

Nice blog bro.

SpinningJim said...

Haha so true. Fat people should be more considerate. Especially in crowded areas. follow me bro!

A musician and gamer said...

I actually got hurt by some of those people at a concert once

The State of Human Intelligence said...

cool story, bro.